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Project Description
An Extension to the System.Net.Mail Namespace, adding a POP3 Client, Enhanced SMTP Client, IMAP Client, POP3 Server, SMTP Server, and IMAP Serve, all written in Visual C#.

The .Net Framework come with a basic SMTP implementation that allows for a program to send emails.

Many have tried to extend this by creating Libraries that add other clients for IMAP and POP3 amongst others. Some though use their own Classes instead of integrating with the ones that come in the System.Net.Mail namespace.

This library not only uses the System.Net.Mail Namespace as much as possible but also includes serve classes allowing on to not only build a .NET Mail Client but even a .NET Mail Server!

MIME Parsing is provided by

  • POP3 Client: Code is done, working on documentation.
  • POP3 Server: Not started
  • SMTP Client: Not started
  • SMTP Server: Started
  • IMAP Client: Not started
  • IMAP Server: Not started

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